I was curious last week to see how many of my ds106 students were doing their part to stay tuned to the class hash tag (or me) in twitter. What better way than a POP QUIZ?

I got 15 responses, 12 of whom where in my class, which is just a shade over half. That’s pretty good, or is it? They got a whole 5 points of freaking EXTRA CREDIT.

The quiz was really silly and the equivalent of a hand raise in class:

I asked their twitter handle (so I could match them to my students). I did ask a data chartable multiple choice item:

What ways have you used twitter since class started?

(click to see the full glory of this data visualization)

And probably has no significance at all, beyond the most common answer “to have fun” (I at least liked seeing a lot of them checked the answer for asking for help).

I also asked for their favorite blog post URL and the reason why they chose it, which of course has nothing to do with twitter, but what the heck, the survey is highly flawed already:

  • I liked this blog the most because of the content it contains. The pictures remind me of home and my puppy…making this blog my favorite.
  • this quiz is green and actually really cool except for the ants running across it. i don’t seem to need things clarified. i don’t seem to need to ask for help. i think this is a problem. i also don’t seem to be frustrated enough. amp up the game? (i ask this in my most timid voice possible.)
  • I liked this blog post a lot because it required some creativity to think about what kind of story you wanted to tell. It was really fun to find the sounds you wanted and needed and piecing them together to make a story was really satisfying when it was done! Sounded so cool.
  • Hi Alan. I chose the post above because you commented that my parents had actually called you at camp to say that they were proud of me and because it’s a postcard it would likely go on the fridge anyway. All of Magic Camp Macguffin was AWEfully fun! And you can give me five virtual bonus points if you like so I don’t wind up with zero virtual points.
  • I am super proud of my first tutorial and the draw it assignment. …and this quiz IS stupid. but much better than any other quiz.
  • quiz. quiz. quiz
  • I think I just did well on that week because I had more time to put into it and was confident with it. Also, I love that I get your tweets as texts … I won’t be missing quizzes!!!
  • I think this post represents the moment that I sold my soul (or my brain, or the majority of my life) to ds106. It’s also some of the best critical thinking I’ve done for the course to date, and I really hope to come back to some of the stuff I was writing about there at a later date to expand my thoughts.
  • She’d like this one just cause it got my sister to be quiet for a total of 15 seconds. Big accomplishment.
  • All my blog is gold. All of it. Im just doing this quiz for the credit – can you tell?
  • I really liked the assignment of having to make a GIF. I have a tumblr as well and was always wondering how people made those gifs. It’s not simple so I commend anyone who sits there with the time to do it. I’m glad I found this extra credit, I never would have known because things get easily buried in my twitter feed. :/
  • Your hair is bad! But really, I don’t want to choose my “”best”” creation…it leaves the other good ones out! So you get a link to a summary of a week where I think I have gotten most into my story telling!
  • It’s my baby so that all I need to say lol! but no it was so fun to make it and I always love to include my son in my homework assignments.
  • Your hair is bad and you should feel bad! But no, I really liked how that 5 sound story turned out. It seemed like an actual story, and most of my other work was pretty mediocre, I felt.
  • If you give a moose a muffin, he’ll ask for a glass of milk.

I am hopeful in this time of data gorging and analytic belching I can do something to clog the machine of automation with frivolity. As you can see there is a significant correlation of tweeting to hating of my hair.

Seriously, it is important for me to know that half my students are not paying attention to the key place of communication, support, and getting their way out of a jam. Twitter is the hub for this class, and if you are not following #ds106 you are in THE DARK.

And for those not in my class who responded, you still get five points of something:

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