Today I cleared 28,000 photos posted on flickr, since I joined there in March 2004. I don’t fawn much on my stats, but I have noticed that my generla photos average about 0-20 views, but when I tweet them, it jumps to 110-120.

I often tweet from within flickr and usually the one I share is my 2012/366 photo of the day (I am way off track, about 75% done to date).

Today, as an experiment, I tweeted 5 pictures in a row, yes, that is more spammy. And If I was watching my stream I’d say “SHOWBOAT” but I actually really did like them.

And sure enough, all five cleared the 100 view count:

That one with 54 views is odd, it is from 2008, but somehow spiked today with 42 views over its normal baseline of 0-4.

It’s not hard to guess, people don’t really go to flickr to look for photos, they get nudged there from social media.

Or is that so?

My overal stats should 1/3 the traffic to my photos comes from within flickr. Yet I see this same pattern on a daily basis.

Maybe I should not have dropped out of that Cousera course on social network analysis…

If I wanted to be a real Social Media Dust Bunny, I’d tweet ’em all.

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