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I thought I had come up with a compelling piece in writing Steve Jobs & Neil Young Jam Across Time on Internet as Radio, and i fell rather silently in the blog pile.

There you go.

But what makes a live radio station, like ds106 radio, different from podcasting? It’s just audio on the web right? This was somewhat of a conversation I had today with my every so gracious host here in Vermont, Barbara Ganley.

Pen and paper in hand, she came walking into her library a place I was comfortably sitting in doing some work on the laptop, wanting to ask some questions about ds106 radio. She did not flinch (too much) when I asked if we could have the conversation on the radio.

It’s just the way I have always thought– to explain a media or technical environment, do what you can to actually use that media. When I wanted to help people understand HTML in 1992 the best way was to create materials and workshops that were ON the web.


The questions she framed and I wandered off the path on answering were trying to get out the potential for learning, understanding, community-ness in a live audio space versus just uploading recorded audio (which is not a bad thing, just a different thing).

Anyhow, without much more ado, here is the recording of our banter.

Conversation with Barbara Ganley on/about Live Radio

Later she was talking about an upcoming workshop that she was going to be doing on this topic, and was talking about how doing audio interviews was possible, but maybe it would be better to bring some people in live in Skype or Google Hangout.

“That would be good, ” I started and as the reflex goes, “but why not also broadcast it live on ds106radio!”

I can’t help it.

Ahhh, radio, it is a relationship that sometimes is hard to explain when you have been bitten by the bug.

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