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Last week Todd Conaway tweeted me (I enjoy how that has become my grammar) that he was going to attend a session in Phoenix that Steve Hargadon was running on his Hack Your Education tour. It was well worth going for both the chance to meet Steve in person, and have some great conversation time with Todd.

We met up in Camp Verde, somewhat midway between my place in Strawberry and where Todd lives in Cornville (our towns alone are part of the oofy place names in this odd state Carefree! Why? Nothing. ). The drive time talking to Todd on the road there and back was worth it.

It was a small but interesting group of people who showed up at a rather shining gleaming building, part of the University if Phoenix empire in Tempe a mmix of Phoenix K-12 educators and consultants, notably the bubbly Peggy George (first time meeting in person).

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The first hour was listening in as Steve recorded his weekly podcast with Audrey Watters (whom I got to meet twice in 2013). They have an interersting format, a conversation review of Audrey’s ever more valuable Hack Education stories of the week — as a side note, I can’t recommend more supporting the work Audrey does

It was not exactly clear for the audience there if we were invited to pipe in. In later conversation, I answered Steve’s question that they ought to consider doing their “show” live on ds106 radio

The real “meat” of the evening was Steve’s Conversations on Learning

We start by having you identify the most significant learning experiences from your own life, then use those build a set of lessons for learning: those elements and conditions that are really needed for learning to occur. We then discuss the skills you believe will make a difference for students to succeed in the 21st Century, and we brainstorm a framework of strategies for developing those skills and achieving long term educational goals for you and/or your children.

And this was valuable; I will not forget sharing stories with Len, and hos own “learning about pyrotechnics” as a kid that is one I will hang on to.

The evening reinforced a conversation Todd and I had about the value of these small face to face gatherings, like the CyberSalon group that started in Phoenix and Todd has been replicating in the Verde Valley.

It was also so worth it to meet and talk with Steve (and yeah, that organization we talked about?a fork as has been stuck in them).

Much to be said again, for the power of conversations about online stuff that we sit down and do person to person. Not everything needs to be tweety.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

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