(click for full size mini mooc)

Found among the coffee additives at HB’s, a restaurant in Pine, AZ, this little product that was created for the ds106 Re-brand ’em Assignment:

The logo is an important part of a company. For this assignment, you are to choose a company and re-brand them. Take their logo and remix it, or start from scratch and make it your own piece of art. Need inspiration? Here’s a cool site (http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/) that blogs about recent changes in company logos, and posts both the new and old versions. It can really highlight what subtle changes can do to a logo.

Once MOOCs get tired of being so massive and unweildy, they will implode and emerge as “mini-moocs” This is the most important dairy product in 200 years.

I suggest grabbing a handful of them.

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