Life in the 4G Lane
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With the recent Verizon upgrade here to 4G it eas time to upgrade my Mifi unit; the old one (right) a Novatel 2020, was one of the originals. It’s virtue was I had an unlimited data plan.

But its connectivity here was quirky.. and my iPhone is getting sick speeds in 4G (I clocked 23 MB/s the first day).

The new JetPack 4620 LE (left, marked "FAST:) is thicker because it has a beefier battery, and has much more display information than the old one’s single colored light.

The downside is I had to go for a metered data plan. I was able to combine the iPhone/Mifi to one shared data plan, with 16Gb per month, for only $10 more than my old plans.

The downside again is I hit 16 GB only 21 days into the billing period. It’s really not cut out to be my home primary network. And I am sure faster speeds will make me even hungrier for use.

The upside is my first speedtest, was 14 MB/s down and 5 up

So I am signing up for my local cable company, which supposedly has improved their connectivity since I had it 2 years ago (and merged with a bigger company), and once in place, I can drop my Verizon plans down to a 2 or 4Gb a month plan.

I cannot rave enough about Verizon for their network improvements here in Strawberry, AZ (and most places I traveled across the USA in the last 20 months). In three years with AT&T their service actually got worse here, from marginal Edge data to none at all. And I have had nothing but excellent and responsive service from Verizon customer support. I hesitate to gush about a service provider, as in general I believe in the long run they will all screw you over.

The cost of being online! Its worth it.

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  1. Ugh, too late now, but you should have been able to keep your unlimited plan if you bought your Mifi unsubsidized. :-(

    I like using my iPad 3 as a 4G hotspot though, reportedly it will last as a hotspot for over 25 hours with the display off.

    1. Thats what i was told by the rep at my local Verizon store, except he could not get his ordering system to accept it. I called Verizon, and the first sales rep said that was the case, but when I was transferred to the Dude, I was told that they do this only for phones, not Mifis. I tried everything, I explained I lived in an area where it was my only option (not quite true), that I needed it to teach online… no dice.

      My friend told me of the iPad idea, wish I had before I bought a wireless ipad 3. I was leery of the ability for sustained tethering, e.g when i do video or audio streaming.

      1. Boy, that does stink. I’m in the same boat with my current iPhone. I don’t want to lose my unlimited (although I rarely go over 1.2GB a month).

        I wouldn’t have thought about it until I read anandtech and they mentioned the 25 hour battery life. Oh well, the iPad 6 will be even better when it’s time to upgrade!! :-)

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