In my late night Youtube wandering, among the suggested videos that popped up last night was, An Ox’s Tale, the full length documentary of The Who’s bass genius, John Entwistle.

The guy was in an orbit of his own for what he accomplished, from building his first electric bass by hand, to the way he transformed it form the dull background instrument to one that leads. I then found myself digging this thundering bas solo from a 2010 concert performance of “5:15”:

Those segments looking at him from the camera view at the top of the bass, screamed “GIF” because of the lack of movement of the bass, it almost looks not real. If you watch the video, you can see that he had a small camera mounted there to record his rather amazing fast finger work (one of his nicknames was “Thunderfingers”).

The video was also available

Here is my first GIF, I painted out some of the background lights that were distracting; plus large contiguous areas of a single color compress better as a GIF:


Another similar segment is cool because it shows him adjusting the tuning of the lowest string as he is playing (plus it shows flashes of the Royal Albert Hall in the background). It’s a bit crazy fast (0.5 frames per second, I usually do 0.1 seconds). Oh well.


Lastly, one more shot of those flying finders moving up and down the frets (notice the markings of majors in Roman numerals, I doubt he needed them for reference)


He makes it look easy.

Here is one more for ds106 GIFfest, for the assignment of Rock ‘n Roll ‘n GIF.

The GIFs keep coming, but look for some new ds106 intersession challenges later this week. All ramping up for my UMW class which launches on January 14.

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