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GIFfing it Like it Was 1872

Don't Rage around Miss Cicely Alexander! This is a response to the Tate’s call for their 1840s GIF party — they have made images available from selected pieces of art from their 1840s room and inviting anyone to remix as a GIF. That is such a good idea I made it into a ds106 assignment. […]

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Googly Eyed GIFs

It has nothing to do with the Mothership Google, but Googley Eyes are useful for sock puppets. Via the Firehose of Links Known as Alec Courous, I found myself diverted "Add googly eyes to a GIF" http://t.co/76z5EKhIoX — Dr. Alec Couros (@courosa) November 18, 2013 I find Googlify is a sophisticated technological tool (free of […]

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Run Away… from your bad ass selves…

Batman and Robin, so scared of the Dog. They cannot run fast enough. How could anyone resist the Batman and Robin Running Scared Assignment submitted by Michael Branson Smith There’s an awesome Tumblr blog created by That Design Bastard filled with animated GIFs of Batman and Robin Running away from sh*t. The cool thing is the […]

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A World of Their/Our Own

New blog post: "ds106zone: You are About to Enter Another Dimension" http://t.co/nDXUH3lrTo #ds106 #ds106 #soitbegins — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) May 13, 2013 When Jim Groom lights up #ds106 you can feel the energy waves transmorgify. I for one am darned excited because I now get to be a humble open participant in ds106, and the […]

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Riffing Todd Conaway’s Riff of David Kernohan’s MOOCs Are People Poster: Sneak preview of tomorrows presentation #designassignment666 #ds106 pic.twitter.com/EYXodAGy — David Kernohan (@dkernohan) February 13, 2013 We riff a riff a gif! Leading the riot bus! Rocking the streets of London mayhem! Why? Because we can. And it’s a ds106 Riff a Gif assignment

ds106 GIFfest 2012


Today’s Daily Create may have been the hardest one to date- “Use camera panning to blur the background behind a moving subject” – the idea is to use a relatively slow shutter speed to take a photo of a moving subject. If you pan the camera at about the same speed as the subject, you […]

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The Strawberry Snow Monster LIVES! GIFs!

The Abominable Pine Man was spotted in the vicinity on December 15, 2012. Unlike the Lock news Monster, Sasquatch, the photos of this super natural creature ares sharp, clean, and obvious no fabrication or some buffoon in a fur suit. cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog In time the monster morphed […]