It has nothing to do with the Mothership Google, but Googley Eyes are useful for sock puppets. Via the Firehose of Links Known as Alec Courous, I found myself diverted

I find Googlify is a sophisticated technological tool (free of “Big Data” and pivoted moocs) for adding this effect to an animated GIF


which you cannot enjoy since this is a snapshot.

But the site allows you to add this effect to any published animated GIF

I decided to give it a go with one I made of axe wielding Bryan Alexander when I visited him in May 2011

Loading the URL for this GIF in the Googlify site, and the site deconstructs the GIF into frames, each allowing you to add a googley eye and change its location, spacing, size, etc.

(click for the big googley)

(click for the big googley)

and it re-renders as a new GIF:


Ain’t he googley eyed?

Why do this?

Because you can.

Again, seeing a GIF broken down into frames allows you better to understand how it generates animation (right?)

UPDATE November 19, 2013: This is now a ds106 assignment! Start doing googly eyed GIFs

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