Two years ago.

One tweet.

One blog post.

One free-form web radio station born.

designed by ds106 student Andrew Wallingham

When ds106 started as an open class, conventional wisdom said we needed a synchronous environment, like the the Java bloated presenter dominated Collaborate.

ds106 kind of blew that idea up


It was a heady time, two years ago

How many courses do you know that have their own radio station?! Screw elluminate, we want the airwaves, baby!!!

Let’s say “We Can Dig It!” for two years of ds106 radio, like GNA has done so elegantly in her video

There is no time like today to listen and pick up the mic and broadcast…

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  1. 2 years? Dang. feels simultaneously so much longer than that (was there ever a time Before DS106? BD?) and so much shorter than that (I still remember the excitement of everyone playing to build stuff. it was just yesterday. really.)

    but, there’s still a synchronous environment. nothing got blown up, just changed from Collaborate to Google Hangout… it might be more decentralized, and participants can create sessions as needed, but that’s likely possible in Collaborate as well.

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