The latest MOOCs announced not doing it for you? Well, you can shake and stir up a new one at


It all started with a tweet question by Audrey Watters

Seriously, if The Rash of Khan is doing it, this is the enlightened way. For was we all accredibly know, he is “The Brave Knight who created Khan Academy, the antecedent of today’s popular MOOCs.”

It dawned on my that I had this random MOOC naming gizmo inside my lab at – go ahead and click, it is redirected now to its permanent perch.

And it looks like Jen and Audrey stocked us with a nice bunch of new cow chow.

But wait, there is more.

I hung a bit of fancybox code on the site, so the “shake” link brings up the cows that say yup animated GIF

go to to see the coes in motion

go to to see the cows in motion

And the “rattle” link does a slide show with media from my collection of mooc mocking posts:


go to to see the slide show in action

I’m pretty psyched to have myself fully engaged in my own MOOC subdomain.

Heck, I may just give myself a badge.

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