Did you think I fell of the challenge? Well maybe I did, with guests in the last week, but I am not a quitter or a crybaby, and I am on track to pick up the pace of daily creates from the last few days.

Today was a video challenge, to make use of unused video:

Randomly combine unused bits of video to create a surreal dream video with appropriate soundtrack

My dream of random clips…

I went through the library of my iMovie collection, pulling from clips I had downloaded for prodction of the weekly promo videos I made for the ds106 show I ran Spring 2013 for my UMW ds106 class

I was actually just pulling clips but most ended up talking about technology- typewriters, tv remote controls, ham radio… and then the line from Apocalypse Now right before Duvall talks about the smell of napalm in the morning, he says, “Do you smell that?”

I pulled some electric track from the iMovie library (Electric Rodeo Long), and copied it 3 times to fill the space. I put the rester effect on all clips for no real good reason.

So are you getting into shape for the headless ds106 class? Here is your best way to get ready

Do your own challenge any time. Start August 1 when all Daily Creates for a week are courtesy of Rockylou22.

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  1. I sure wish more people had done this challenge–I just loved it, even if it was my own idea! I love the contrasts between the three posted as of this moment–your retro dream tone is just terrific!

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