65 Pencils
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A drawing for today’s ds106 daily create:

Repeat TDC613! Draw something that represents the TDC idea of regular exercises of creativity. We asked a few weeks ago for some images to represent this idea and they now appear as random ones on the front of the Daily Create site. But we want more! Be sure to use both today’s TDC680 tag and TDC613 for maximum exercise benefit (the latter so it also goes to the front page)


I sat down on my sunny porch with the Paper 53 app and skipping the idea of push-ups or jumping jacks thought about the idea of repeated practice and my own claims of lacking drawing capability. My plan was to draw a series of pencils, but after the first one, they became pencil tips. If I was really clever I would have drawn only 53.

But that act of trying the same shape over and over again becomes both a mindful challenge but also quite meditative. It’s not about getting them "right" but focusing on trying to repeat the same moves so that it feels more rhythmic.

Yes, I can draw.

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