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… for planning my schedule shall be fired.

What was I thinking? I returned home from London after two weeks in the UK attending the OER14 conference and a visit to the Open University (plus a nice weekend in Bristol With David Kernohan and Viv Rolfe) (plus a bonus of seeing Yes at the Royal Albert Hall courtesy of @digitalmaverick).

Home Saturday night, wash clothes Sunday, squeeze in a week of catchup in Monday, and off Tuesday? Ohb and before I go, I have to submit grades for my GMU ds106 students.

I’m going to be riding a wave, that is… Riding the Wave conference in Manitoba, in the curiously named town of Gimli. Thanks to an invite from Andy Mckiel, I am doing opening, closing keynotes, 2 workshop, and hopefully some campfire strumming. I’m seriously looking forward to visiting with the Manitoba educators, including Darren Kuroptawa, maybe Rob Fischer? Matt Henderson? Where the heck is Clarence Fisher? And I will get to visit the weekend after with Darren and Chris Harbeck (DO NOT MAKE ME RUN, Chris!).

At least when I return on May 19, I have a whole 4 days home before the next travel jaunt.


So are you Grammar Police, who needs ya? FIRED!

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  • iamTalkyTina

    Well, you know that I have lots of experience moving around the world, plus when I worked for FedEx, so I can get you packed and shipped with special rates if you and your stuff fit in okay.

    So, if you want, I can make a Google calendar for you to put them on, and then when you are inside then a Tracking Number for the peoples to know where you are and how long. Plus, I can make it email people so they get updates. Even you, inside the box if your WiFi works!!

    It is a good thing for a Still True Friend. Plus, you can even mail your socks and underwear to the next place. Google Docs + FexEx + your iPhone.


    Well, bye!

  • Bryan Alexander

    Madness. Sheer madness.
    Perhaps you have a scheming doppelganger.

  • Kim Zinke

    That amount of travelling is awful. But as you’re visiting my hometown, I think it’s not all terrible. If it wasn’t still in the clutches of winter, I’d say you would love Gimli. It’s the largest Icelandic settlement outside of Iceland, and the name means “home of the gods.” The town was around long before Gimli the character from Lord of the Rings. Be sure to visit the Viking Statue (a block away from the conference centre) – I can only imagine what you could do with the images from that. I’d highly recommend trying Pickerel or smoked Gold Eye – both caught in Lake Winnipeg, just feet away from the hotel. Enjoy!

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