My idea for this remix is likely better than the execution. The FineBros has a brilliant series of Kids React videos where modern youth try to make sense of past culture, toys, and technology. They seem to average like 9 kazillion views per video; I’m lucky if I hit double digits.

In some research for internet of the mid 1990s I found “Teens React to the Internet of the 1990s”

where they make fun and mock the earnest kids and primitive internet technology of the 1996 vide0, The Kids’ Guide to the Internet

The latter video is pretty laughable, with the hair, the dead pan Smart Kids explaining how the internet works, and the cheesy screen tours.

My idea was to see if I could extract reaction clips of the kids in the 1996 videos saying things like “that’s so cooool” and “wow that’s amazing” and have them react to smaller inset clips of the hip modern kids.

What I ended up with

Once I started, I found that there was much less if a selection of the reaction shots in the 1990s kids, but I made about 6 sequences; I think the last one works the best.

This was done in iMovie mostly putting in the top track with the Picture in Picture settings the utterances of the teens, playing over the 1990s kids. I try to line things up, then split the clips so I can mute one audio track.

The intro has the opening from the 1990s music with the music of the modern teens, and then the other way around for the closing credits.

Both of those clips on YouTube have copyright statements. I am blatantly violating that. Because I am making something new. Because copyright as executed in 2015 is more laughable, more outmoded, than some cheesy kids in the 1990s.

Because I can.

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