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The Ring Drone Zone

As soon as Chris Gilliard shared the flying Ring drone my mind went to free association. It went back to the Twilight Zone episode “The Invaders” just for those scenes of Agnes Moorehead whacking at the flying invaders in her cabin. This episode is brilliant on so many levels, especially for the lack of dialogue. […]

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Funkier Than An Algorithm’s Tweeter

I’ve been enjoying listening to more doses of classic Ike and Tina Turner funk and R&B; these are in my collection thanks to @easegill sharing me his entire South Pacific music library when I visited New Zealand in 2015. This one song came on today that really caught my attention with it’s groove: (It has […]

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Un nuevo día para Edupunk

I never expected to be blogging about EDUPUNK, much less presenting on it. But the folks running the CIINOVApp conference here in Guadalajara asked me and colleagues Tannis Morgan and Brian Lamb to bring it back (we are here by invitation from the University of Guadalajara a week before our UDG Agora Project events). It […]

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Sorry, I Could Stop Help Myself from Remixing

When John Pederson (or “Balki Bartokomous”?) launches a softie like this https://twitter.com/ijohnpederson/status/646833331045163008 how can I resist the urge to remix? Not only are the reaction shots brilliant., but the whistler’s facial contortions are priceless. This was about 25 minutes of iMovie twiddling, it’s so easy a cat could do it I downloaded the Amazing Whistling […]

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An Unexpected Consequence: ds106 Remixed Assignments

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by carlstr The photo I chose for this post actually has nothing to do with what (I think I will) write about, but came up in the photostream of something from the compfight search on “unexpected”. Get it? “unexpected”. Enough pre-amble. It’s been exciting to see […]

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Remixing Mom’s Remix

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog That photo was one I crafted in November when my Mom visited, and I tried to get her in the same pose as her high school graduation photo. After this past week’s fun of getting my Mom to talk live on ds106 radio, it was […]