The last time I was home for a Presidential Election was 1996, when the other Clinton won.

Oh I definitely voted in every election by mail-in ballot. Let’s peel those elections off…

Oh another candidate for the 2000 President

Oh another candidate for the 2000 President

In 2000, I was in the third leg of my 6 month sabbatical from the Maricopa Community Colleges, in Canberra Australia. According to my pre-blogging blog, on Tuesday of that week while the race of Bush vs Gore went down to the wire, was actually a quasi Australian holiday, another horse race the Melbourne Cup.

The night before I had watched the hilarious movie The Dish with my host “Big” Allan.

In 2000, these Aussies trusted an American!

In 2000, these Aussies trusted an American!

That day at the office where I was visiting at the Canberra Institute of Technology, we had a party, and I was put to work to pick the slips for the office pool.

Celestial Show, you let me down

Celestial Show, you let me down

I put $5 on a 100:1 long shot… who ran exactly to the odds. Dead last. Like Gore.

The 2004 Election took place in the middle of a 3 week visit to Auckland New Zealand, where I did a string of workshops for UNITEC and other schools. On the drives into the UNITEC campus with my host Richard, I remember being struck at how much the news on the Auckland radio was dominated by stories from America. I could not recall a time when New Zealand was front page news where I lived.

A second Bush term went down just like that dirty old tennis shoe smelling “savoury yeast extract”.

For the next election I continued my stream of Out of the Country for Presidential Elections, it was the first week of my month long stay in Iceland, where I got to house site, take care of a dog, and count horses. And a few other things. But I do have a blog post confirming that I did vote.

And while Obama made history, on the day of his election I was showing of my WordPress sweatshirt, and ironically one of the photos most commonly used by catfishing scammers for their fake profiles.

I celebrated by enjoying the fruit my home town is named after, Jarðarber.

And talk about synchronicity! According to my flickr caption, November 4 was the first birthday of Skinna, the Icelandic sheepdog I was looking after:

She did not know what to make of my singing, but did appreciate getting extra amounts of her favorite treat- dried fish skin

For the next Obama election I was in Vermont, and while technically not out of the country like the previous three Presidential elections, it is a place unique enough to feel just a bit out of America. I was about 9000 miles that year into round the country travel, including the five months I lived in Fredericksburg.

That election week I was visiting Barbara Ganley, and it was there I decided to not head out to the Canadian Maritimes (which would have been like 900 miles from where I was, and instead headed home to hug a cactus. So it was a pivotal time for me at least.

According to my flickr archive, on election day 2012 I was observing the polls in Ripton, Vermont:

As you can see, Vermonters like Bryan Alexander take their voting seriously

I could have dug in the way before the internet way back machine– during the 1988 Presidential election I was in a remote area north of Bishop California doing field work for my Geology MS theses. Without a blog, and a smattering og photos, all I have is this false color photo of a little oasis I camped at called “Fish Slough”:


The day after the election I drove into Bishop to restock on food supplies, and the way I got the news was not twitter, or email, but by radio. Bush had demolished Dukakis, and I felt relieved to go back to the off the grid wonders of a place called “The Volcanic Tableland”.

Looking ahead, my November 6, 2016 photos will be right at home here in Jarðarber Strawberry, Arizona, hopefully watching that terrible apprentice get fired.

Top / Featured Image: Public domain image of the Bill Clinton / Bob Dole debate during the 1996 elections. The image is from Wikimedia Commons.

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