The name of the band is subject to argument, but like those Brits in 1970 rocking atop a roof, at the Domains 2017 Conference something happened atop a rooftop in Oklahoma City.

And then after the conference, weirder stuff happened — people went home and fired up good old fashioned blog posts. Just like it was 2007.

Thus, the another wretched ed-tech cover song was hatched.


Featured Image- styled after Gig In Japan’s image Beatles / Get Back Up On The Roof / 1CD Digipak with all elements replaced. Photo from tweet by the Great Luke Waltzer

The post "Get Back (to where you once did blog)" was originally slapped on the butt by a cigar smoking doctor yelling "It's a post!" at CogDogBlog ( on June 15, 2017.

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