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WordPress Theme Philosophy

I thought it was longer, but it was only a bit over a year ago I switched from my MovableTyle CogDogBlog over to its incarnation in WordPress. Having rolled out perhaps 5 or 6 other WP blogs I was thinking of blogging out my strategy for dealing with some of the coolest aspects of Wp, the flexibility of its templates.

Like many people, I stayed for a whole with the familiar default Kubrick template, the blue banner with curved corners that you still find all over the web. There are many similar variations, toss a different color in the banner, or a custom graphic. I began my tinkering by slowly customizing the sidebar before doing my own overhaul in November 2005.

There are likely a few different camps on how bloggers deal with the templates. Most folks likely just want to pluck something that looks nice in a preview off of a site like the WordPress Theme Browser, and consider the work done. This is great, the content magically transforms itself into what the template gives you. Move on to the content.

But if you are like me, and want to do some, to moderate, to severe customization, you get more and more into the code, and you look at templates a little bit differently. I have found that not all templates are created quite a like. Some are designed more as a one off, while others really lend themselves to being pried open. So I am going to try and blow the dust off of my braincells and try and outline the changes I have wrought in several WP sites, mostly for my own documentation sake.

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Gone West

flickr foto Window Vignettesavailable on my flickr There is some sort of story told in these window reflections, I am just not sure what they are. I’m in San Francisco for 2 days of NMC meetings… if time allows, I am eager to get out on the streets with my camera. My memories roll back […]

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PodPress is the Plug

My commenters Joe and D’Arcy were right- PodPress is dah thing for generating iTunes ready feeds from WordPress. I should have looked no farther than my own blog here which is where I had installed it! It does not require a custom replacement file for the WP standard distribution, has better configuration, and built in […]

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Podcasting on the Cheap

As just mentioned, today I presented Podcasting on the Cheap / Thinking Before You Click Record” for the NMC Online Conference on Personal Broadcasting.

There is really about 25 minutes of stage time in these sessions, and I knew I had a lot of ground to cover, so it went at supersonic speed. Actually a bit too fast. The presentation is here in parts- you’d need to be registered in the conference to hear the recorded archive, but I loaded must of the links in a wiki at

I did this in the continued hope that others will go there and add many more resources than I could muster up. I am fearful though, that as an open wiki, the spam ferrets will get in and piss all over the place. So I have made a backup, and if they do as I predict, I will restore form backup and lock it up. I hate spammers. I hate spammers.

This was not really the presentation, more of some resource pages I pulled up as I discussed things. Rather than slurping Powerpoint slides into Elluminate, I set up all my “slides” as URLs bookmarked in Firefox, and loaded them in a bookmark folder, which I opened all in FireFox tabs. This is my main mode now for web demos, even in person, so one is not stuck waiting for page loads. I got the browser screens as small as possible (for the content), and in Elluminate, I displayed them via applicatio sharing. Some of the main chat banter was people trying to guess what web browser I was using, because of the weird pattern of all the pending tabss:


I’ll share a few of the quickly mocked up creative commons licensed flickr images I used (and by the way, FlickrLilli rocks for finding them much better than flickr has set up- what has happened to the innovation at flickr’s site? it has plateau-ed as it has been yahoo-ed):

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Online Conference Marathon

Having run my first two half marathons this year, I thought IU had a good sense for that finish line feeling, but those pale compares to today’s 5 hour sprint through Day One of the NMC Online Conference in Personal Broadcasting. Between facilitating sessions, doing intros, funneling feedback, nudging people to comment, and also doing […]