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Gone West

flickr foto Window Vignettesavailable on my flickr There is some sort of story told in these window reflections, I am just not sure what they are. I’m in San Francisco for 2 days of NMC meetings… if time allows, I am eager to get out on the streets with my camera. My memories roll back […]

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PodPress is the Plug

My commenters Joe and D’Arcy were right- PodPress is dah thing for generating iTunes ready feeds from WordPress. I should have looked no farther than my own blog here which is where I had installed it! It does not require a custom replacement file for the WP standard distribution, has better configuration, and built in […]

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Podcasting on the Cheap

As just mentioned, today I presented Podcasting on the Cheap / Thinking Before You Click Record” for the NMC Online Conference on Personal Broadcasting.

There is really about 25 minutes of stage time in these sessions, and I knew I had a lot of ground to cover, so it went at supersonic speed. Actually a bit too fast. The presentation is here in parts- you’d need to be registered in the conference to hear the recorded archive, but I loaded must of the links in a wiki at

I did this in the continued hope that others will go there and add many more resources than I could muster up. I am fearful though, that as an open wiki, the spam ferrets will get in and piss all over the place. So I have made a backup, and if they do as I predict, I will restore form backup and lock it up. I hate spammers. I hate spammers.

This was not really the presentation, more of some resource pages I pulled up as I discussed things. Rather than slurping Powerpoint slides into Elluminate, I set up all my “slides” as URLs bookmarked in Firefox, and loaded them in a bookmark folder, which I opened all in FireFox tabs. This is my main mode now for web demos, even in person, so one is not stuck waiting for page loads. I got the browser screens as small as possible (for the content), and in Elluminate, I displayed them via applicatio sharing. Some of the main chat banter was people trying to guess what web browser I was using, because of the weird pattern of all the pending tabss:


I’ll share a few of the quickly mocked up creative commons licensed flickr images I used (and by the way, FlickrLilli rocks for finding them much better than flickr has set up- what has happened to the innovation at flickr’s site? it has plateau-ed as it has been yahoo-ed):

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Online Conference Marathon

Having run my first two half marathons this year, I thought IU had a good sense for that finish line feeling, but those pale compares to today’s 5 hour sprint through Day One of the NMC Online Conference in Personal Broadcasting. Between facilitating sessions, doing intros, funneling feedback, nudging people to comment, and also doing […]