In which I bark and growl about things that get under my fur.


Endorse is the New Like

I’ve already barked about how cheap it is to like stuff on Facebook (my campaign to have everyone like everything failed). If you can just click something in 0.2 seconds does it really carry any value? But now, of the ease of which I can endorse someone’s skills in LinkedIn, means alot if one gets […]


Guess What Kind of Yahoos Are Making the Design Decisions for Flickr?

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Chris Lott

It’s gotta be monkeys (no offense to the primates) (but I love it when my creative common search turns up an image from a friend, hi Chris).

Seriously– who is Yahoo using as a test group for the “new” flickr? The latest WTF is the insertion of a Yahoo navigation bar that looks like it was hand coded in the mid 1990s.

yucks yuck

On looking at the page source I truly accepted to see a bunch of

tags. At least it was not that bad. Maybe there is some humor at Monkey Web Design Shops, since the main div id is named “eyebrow” and the interior divs are all called “yucs”


Yeah. YUCK- they cannot even spell that correctly.

I was curious to see what the infestation of ads was like, so I hopped over to Safari to explore Flickr when I was logged out or using an old free account I use very rarely. The most odd thing was in Safari there is no Ugly Butt Yahoo Navigation Bar.


I #LikeEverything

Actually I don’t like Facebook. There’s just not a button for that, which seems to break some cosmic physical law of conservation of emotions. I think likes are cheap not unimportant, but pretty close. If it were so real, why do we wrap the now meaning less words in quotes? But some nights, in bed […]