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Creative Commons Certification, Syndicated

In the MOOD: Sharing the Certification Project at Open Education 2016

In a presentation last Friday at the 2016 Open Education Conference Paul Stacey and I described the Certification project as “Massive Open OER Development.” MOOD? People who know me know how much I think of acronyms that start with M-O-0… (that was meant to be wry humor) Hearing about @creativecommons ‘certificate’ prog – awesomeness with […]

Creative Commons Certification, Syndicated

Broadening The Choral Explanation Concept

We think the developing structure for the Creative Commons Certifications should be more than content and assignment-type activities; that there should be a component of public participating, activity, even encouraging people to be “Defenders of the Commons.” That was the thinking behind our making a case for a Creative Commons Stack Exchange, seeing the Stack […]

Creative Commons Certification, Syndicated

A Case for a Creative Commons Stack Exchange

A Creative Commons Stack Exchange Community would serve as a place for people seeking Creative Commons Certifications can demonstrate their proficiency by practicing asking, answering, rating, and commenting on relevant questions. Furthermore it could provide a public resource for the organization in conjunction with the current available avenues of FAQs, email, and IRC as ways […]

Creative Commons Certification, Syndicated

What Part to Play?

Thanks again to Bryan Mathers for generating this response to the question “What part do you play?” What part do you play?…Part of a @visualthinkery conversation with @cogdog about @creativecommons #oer #edchat — Bryan Mathers (@BryanMMathers) July 22, 2016 We hope to help convert fools to creators, ninjas, and defenders. Creative Commons licensed (CC-BY-ND) […]