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Things done during my stint as an Open Learning Scholar at Thompson Rivers University (Oct 2014 – March 2015)

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Cowterspace: More Than A Cute Cow in Space Video

I’ve done my research. It’s a trope- Everything’s Better With Cows. Watch the elegantly (student) produced animation story below. Retweet it. Facebook it. StumbleUponIt. It’s great. Yes, I landed there via a Guy Kawasaki tweet to his link farm. And that’s where most people aim. The Big Final Shiny Thing. I appreciate these kinds […]

TRU Time

Another SPLOTability: The Brancher

Out of a great meeting today arranged by Michelle Harrison with a group of TRU Instructional Designers, came a new idea for our SPLOT collection. Blame/credit Brian Lamb. But it would facilitate a space where someone could seed the beginning of a ? story? discussion ? brainstorm? and anyone could click to clone a copy […]

TRU Time

Embed The Before/After Bed

Trying here a test of my Comparator Tool blogged/flogged yesterday. While brushing my teeth last night, the idea came to me I was thinking about doing this the wrong way- an iframe is the route. Let’s see if this works. The code that does that looks like (yes it needs a noframes option):

Rather […]