We Fit

A break in the usual technical gobbledygook and assorted rantings for a not so small personal announcement… As a matter of fact, it’s as big as life… Cori did say “yes” If there is any doubt to the question, it’s one of marriage. Something I had vowed 10 years ago to never do again. I’m […]


Felix + 2

Friday marked the 2nd year since I adopted Felix, and since he turns four in May, that means now almost half of his life has been with me. On Monday I will take him for a hello visit to where I found him, the Humane Society of Central Arizona. And following the lead of Pat […]

Reclaiming Your Web

Digg Shrugg

Talk about recursive web history… Digg Reader bit the dust this week, five years after it came to be in the aftermath of Google burying its own RSS reader. I won’t even search my own blog, I know there are many rants about Google’s decision. Yet on seeing the notice just two weeks ago that […]

Random Musing

Dropped in a Bucket

Talking about a bucket list feels a bit cliché to me. But I do keep something like that floating in my subconscious, as happened back in 2006 when I made a secret vow to run a half marathon. I did cross another “to do” from my list about two weeks ago. It involves the story […]

CogDog It

Now With Begging Buttons

I’m awed by the generous response to my putting out a kibble bowl for patreon-ing here. All the email they send you is advice for more barrages of self promotion. I loathe that, but I sense I need to keep a drum beat going. To that end, I’ve added some bottom of the site buttons […]