Hey (Hic)… this Merlot is tasting better…

Okay, this dog is going to anger management. After our recent barking on Sipping MERLOT’s RSS Feeds: Is this Boone’s Farm or Dom Perignon?, we enjoyed some good discussion with some MERLOT insiders. The bottom line is that MERLOT still has a fabulous wealth of intstructional resources, and should be on the Bookmark list of […]

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RSS feeds from my.OAI

Dynamic RSS feeds are available now from searches performed at my.OAI, the tool for digging through a series of idatabases available as Open Archives. my.OAI is a full-featured search engine to a selected list of metadata databases from the Open Archives Initiative project. All searches performed at my.OAI, even is guest mode are returned with […]


Some Changes around the CDB dog house

I’ve been tinkering a bit with the site here- getting into adding new MovableType templates and moving commonly used code pieces into modules, but more or less, this is mild hacking away until it works.

The additions include some new categories:
* MLX – about the Maricopa Learning eXchange)
* RSS – all the stuff posted about using RSS and the experiments we have done around here
* Using MovableType tips and other things we learn along the way.

All categories, of course, have their own RSS feeds.

This was in tandem with moving the top navigation from a series of horizontally spreading links, to a drop down menu navigation for going to the categories. This in turn led to adding more pieces, and some of these in turn caused even more dribbles of changes…

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iSight – Great App, Great Packaging


Still getting used to my new iSight, a nifty fireware camera for Apple OSX computers coupled with iChat AV allows beautifully clear, sharp, audio/video chat via broadband connections.

Not only is it well-designed in typical Apple fashion (oops, there goes my bias), but what I also enjoyed was the cleverness of the package it came in and a refreshingly small but clear instruction guide which unlike 90% of other computer manuals, makes sense to most humans without leafing thorugh 90 pages of gibberish in 18 languages.

Let’s open up the box…


Blogging Across the Curriculm

From Quinnipiac University comes this gem: Blogging Across the Curriculum. Pattie Belle Hastings from the Interactive Design Department shares this resource that rose from her 2002 experiments on using student weblogs as alternatives to paper design jounrals. Her site provides a nice overview of blogging, how to blog, the role of blogs in teaching, lots […]

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RSS Primer from EEVL

A very well written introduction to RSS: RSS – A Primer for Publishers and Content Providers (I cannot locate quickly what the “EEVL” acronym stands for but it is a UK resource for engineers). I like the plain language yet the forways into some of the details of producing RSS. <tiphat>Tip of the blog hat […]