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Take Back What Net?

Supposedly in “Take Back the Net”, the Dec 30 issue of PC Magazine has sent Blogging, wikis, and RSS mainstream, according to a entry by Michelle. The article does provide a nice overview of the range of major blog tools, has some decent resources, etc, but there are some statements in the opening that have […]


MT Wiki

Here is a nice resource for MovableType-rs, The MovableType Knowledge Base is a wiki chock full of tips and suggestions. This Wiki is dedicated to helping users of MovableType, a content management system. This is a place to add tips, tricks, instructions, and definitions. Topics are editable so everyone can add to them. These topics […]


Gibson Gives up the Blog

Related to recent wonderings of “Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?”, it appears that author William Gibson is blogged out. In “Last Postcard from Costa Del Blog”, Gibson pens: Time for me to get back to my day job, which means that it’s time for me to stop blogging. I’ve found blogging to be a […]


Back to Promoting MLX

It is time to crank up the promotion department for the Maricopa Learing eXchange (MLX), given that the semester is winding down. We have set up a new PR area that links all of the MLX presentation and news tidbits. With the exception of a nice burst of 15 entries from Estrella Mountain Community College […]