The blog may be blinking in and out for a week. I’m currently visiting family in San Diego through Monday (look for some pix soon of Sani, my step-son’s cute ‘little’ Great Dane puppy) and a hope flight back to Phoenix to catch a Tuesday morning flight to Hawaii for the 2005 NMC Summer Conference. Looking forward to visiting there with the great bunch of people who go to NMC events, as well as colleague Bert Kimura, who I’ve worked with on the TCC Online Conferences the past few years (via iChat, Bert’s been teaching me the key Hawaiian language expressions, mahalo, Bert).

Yes, someone has to go to Hawaii, so I raised my paw. Blogging on the beach? I doubt it.

Hope to be a bloggin at the conference, until then I have to cram in some, ahem, last minute work on my presentations.

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