Wiki Live Now Dead

Will deftly spotted and posted about a site that showed in real-time the update action over at WikiPedia:

You can see the line for each edit in Wikipedia as it’s made. In the few moments it’s taken to create this post, over 80 edits have been made about everything from the Pakistani Coast Guard to Keropok (the most visible fried snack in Terengganu) to Mog (a playable character from the Squaresoft game Final Fantasy VI…Huh?) How cool is that? And how cool is it that just in these last 15 minutes, dozens if not hundreds of people have felt compelled to add what they know to this “compendium of all human knowledge.”

but do not bother getting your own glance as blog-popularity (blogularity?) killed the site:

“Sorry, rcdumper is a prototype tool not intended for widespread public use. being linked from a high traffic website has created too much load, and it is temporarily offline.”

But this reminds me of another site I had come across since the creator of the site is using a copy of Feed2JS to perform some magic there. WikiPulse provides a heaping pile of current/recent data on the traffic and action at WikiPedia, including graphs and lots of numbers:

n the last 59 minutes there have been 54 new articles, 199 new pages, 2799 new edits. On the English Wikipedia there are currently 588477 total articles, 624 featured articles, and 1738262 total pages, with 16813116 total edits and 9.67 average edits per page. There are 291812 registered users and 484, or 0.17% are administrators. 180 people are currently chatting in #Wikipedia, and over the last 286 days there have been 7331 nicks. On the Village Pump there are 0 ongoing conversations. There have been 1395 messages across all wikimedia mailing lists this month. Ping response time from Colorado is 99 milliseconds. So far this month we have used 5.07 TB of outgoing, and 0.50 TB of incoming bandwidth.

In addition, the site offers code to have WikiPedia content on your PDA via “Bring the Wiki With You”:

Wikipedia is the world’s largest encyclopedia with nearly 600,000 articles. Now you can carry all of that information in your pocket, check it as hand luggage, or keep it snuggled underneath your pillow at night – unabridged.

Additionally, you will find free files available such as Wiktionary, a dictionary with more than 70,000 entries, and Wikiquote, a collection of far too many quotes to count. Follow these three steps to get started.

But wait there’s more!

WikiTools offers links to other things people have built that leverage the open content and APIs of WikiPedia, one of which is Six Degrees of WikiPedia

six degrees finds the shortest path between any two Wikipedia articles in the main namespace using wiki links

Well it looks interesting, I got error messages of “could not connect to links server” (no surprise since this is the same server hosting the service Will spotted above)

This is just plain wild, fun stuff, and it is no wonder I keep getting distracted from what I ought to be working on.

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