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Build Form added to RSS to Javascript

I just added a small feature to our RSS to JS demo, the site that demonstrates a bone-simple (even humans can do this with their bare hands) way to take a known RSS feed and have it displayed inside any web page.

This new feature is a simple web form that allows you to enter the URL for any RSS feed, select the various options our demo script provides, and voila! magic- it can do a preview version of the output and… (but wait, if you order before midnight tonight, you get a bonus feature!) it will spit out the snippet of JavaScript you need to paste into your web page.

Here is what the new form looks like:


So here is how it works. Take any old RSS feed just laying around and paste it into the form. Select the display options that we offer to show/hide channel details, items details, posting date, number of entries…

Then you have two things to play with. The first is a preview of how the feed will appear in your own pages and the other is a page that will generate the HTML code you need to copy/paste to your own pages to bring it on home.

Now that is simple. It might take Stephen only a mouse and half a cup of coffee to work it through 😉

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  1. Alan,

    I don’t know if you’ve done this or not, but I sprinkle my implementation of the same concept with lots of style ids so that the feed display can be customized for those so inclined.


  2. It is there although it requires one to write inline, link or download an external style sheet:

    actually classes since one could have more than one feed per page. I did not want to include it in the JS writing (passing some params to set the formatting).


    where under “making it Pretty: ir reads:

    “Insert a link to this external style sheet or put the contents directly into your HTML file, in between <style> … </style> tags. Edit to match your design dreams (need some muscle with CSS, not much to tinker with fonts and colors).”

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