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Awesome RSS Resource at Lockergnome

Chris Pirillo has a new comprehensive site on Lockergnome’s RSS Resource (tip of the blog hat to Will for this one). It features a wide range of stories on new types of RSS uses (e.g. notifying beta testers of software updates) and the latest in tools and technology, written by a team of contributers.

We like its clean writing too…

Who is RSS for?
That all depends on who you ask. For end users, it’s an easier way to get the information they’re looking for. For bloggers, it’s a better way to keep track of their conversations. For publishers, it’s yet another opportunity to keep their audience in touch. For developers, it’s another way to use and interpret data. For marketers, it’s a way to maximize their business relationships.
The publisher still controls the content. The subscriber finally controls the subscription.

RSS is not an all-out replacement for other technologies. It’s merely an XML document standard that can be used to optimize your Internet experience.

The About RSS section is superb in terms of the resources towards the bottom, a long list of RSS News Aggregator tools up the side bar.

And it barely needs to be mentioned that this site has RSS feeds (a number of them for sub-categories). This feed now sits towards the top of my feed list and is on its way to our RSS/Learning Object wiki.

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