A Blog-volution

Anyone RSS-ing or surfing the education weblog scenes (e.g. Weblogg-ed) know that educator weblogs are catching on as a quiet revolution. And it is happening here in our system, a quiet revolution thaking place in and under the radar.

Out at Chandler-Gilbert Community College, their home-grown eportfolio system features a blog tool, and last we heard, they had over 250 active faculty and student folios and some creative uses of the blogs. Word spread after some demos at our September Online Learning Group meeting.

A media staff member at Phoenix College shared her blog used for an outside project that is documenting a digital video production. Another faculty at South Mountain Community College has been using for some time Blogger for her English students to create Web folios. A team of faculty support staff at Phoenix College are using a blog I set up for them to document development of some new training materials.

And today I was at a meeting at Phoenix College, where apparently their dean has been reading the e-mails I have been sending about the blog-potential. Their college will be setting up an installation of MovableType to use for various committee projects as well as some instructional support for some classes.

I will be visiting in November and running a version of BlogShop likely hosted from their new site.

This is just the tip of an iceberg (in Phoenix? Yes!)

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