Blog Comment Spam #3 (of ???)

Sigh. You get pretty excited, your tail wags, when you get an email notifcation of comments to one of your blog entries. You jump up and down when it is a batch of 4.

However, like recently and more recently, we have recieved undesirable spam in this blog’s comments.

How generous for “mNeuron” to provide commentary to this blog’s entries on Online Faculty development and our MLX web-based trackback tool. Good old Mr. Nueron provided for each entry a related comprehensive list of links to sites to purchase body supplements such as phentermine, viagra, and more! It moves me to think how generous people like mNeuron are. Sadly, the comments shared by “m” have been completely disintegrated.

If it is not obvious, the previous paragraph has been brought to you by the notion of scarcasm, comments cutting to the bone since the early 1400s.

So to cut this one off (maybe, doubtful if it will stop) add this IP to your list of banned IPs:

IP Address:
Name: mNeuron
Email Address: eranarel@yahoo.com.hk
URL: [deleted to avoid any reference]

This person or process seems so eager that it posts this crap twice. This dog pees on spammers and double-pees on blog spammers.

It will get worse, much worse, and the end may be a removal of blog commentary features.


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