Awesome, this is a step up in usefulness for Bloglinesthe online RSS aggregator. You can now make the collections of feeds you post on BlogLines public, and thus collections of feeds can be shared via a simple URL.

Actually I had submitted this as a suggested feature when I looked at the site a few clicks ago. It is nice to know they take ideas seriously!

<tiphat>tip of the bloghat to Will Richardson<\tiphat>

This creates some interesting potential for ways to have individuals or groups share RSS resources, or as Will iimplied, a way to build a gateway to a collection of feeds for say a group of classes or projects.

For example, here are Bloglines | cogdog’s Blogs— I had imported my OPML exported from NetNewsWire, but Bloglines got a few feeds declared wrong as folders, and I did not want to spend too much time re-arranging.

I added to myBlogLines a collections of RSS feeds from the different sites I work on at Maricopa. They are piling high.

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  1. Alan, this is so cool, thanks for pointing this out. We’re doing a blog discussion next month with our ed tech mailing list, but wanted to take it out of mailing lists and into the blog space. We’ve got five guest bloggers who will hopefully all post on a variety of topics; we also wanted to get the participants to experience blogs through an aggregator, but didn’t want the hassle of them downloading one and wrestling with opml files, etc. This is an awesome solution to that problem. Cheers, Scott.

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