The MLX Great Race Ends Tonight

Our iincentive program for getting people in our system to contribute items to the Maricopa Learning eXchange ends tonight at midnight (and starts up again for the next round one minute later). See more about The Great Package Race.

What we are doing is tracking all items contributed over a 6 month period and awarding software prizes to the college that contributes to most as well as to most prolific individual contributers.

Like many students, it seems like our folks are waiting until the last minute. To make it interesting, we are hiding the scoreboard in the last 24 hours.

This is a topic for a future post, but it has been rather frustrating to find that an offer of software packages (25 license copies of Adobe stuff is nothing to sneeze at) is no incentive to some of our colleges, and the bulk of things coming in are the results of a minority of inspired inviduals (usually one per campus) at our colleges. Nor is a pesonal copy of Macromedia StudioMX much of a reason either.

Time. Patience. Perseverence…. my Dad used to say…

Results to be posted tomorrow

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