According to the pre-eminent source, there are only 10 known web sightings of the myterious person who calls himself “Biff Cantrell” (Google for “Biff Cantrell”). How come his home address is unknown? All messages sent to are bounced back?

Does anyone know Biff? Seen him? Please have him call home.

Here is my fascination of the Internet- you can do some fairly obscure things that can turn up in unexpected corners. You can make things up that sound true, and you can tell truths that no one should believe.

Here is the real scoop on Biff.

There is no one named Biff Cantrell.

Well, there might be somewhere, I have not checked all the phone books out there.

But a number of years ago, maybe 6 or so, I started using Biff’s name on web sites that required me to register or provide an email address. Surely Biff would not mind if I borrowed his?

And alone, Biff has likely downloaded anywhere from 150 to 300 copies of Macromedia Shockwave, each time dutifully filling out his name and email in the request form, and certainly requesting to be sent all kinds of information via e-mail.

So here is this week’s web quiz- out of 10 Google-instances of Señor Cantrell, can you identify the one I am not responsbile for?

Now that the secret has leaked out, I may need a new non de plume, how about Durwood Pickle? Sounds too wacky? No worries down in Richardson, Mr Pickle has enough headaches already.

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