Fake Philosophical Blog Spam

it is getting worse.

Now are these messages that arrive as comments to an old blog entry:

We live in strange times, but someday I think we will look back on all of this and marvel at how crazy it was. God, I hope so. I sure wouldn’t want this insanity to become the norm.

All very nice, pithy, and completely irrelevant, What “Dave: is really trying to do is insert his own URL into the text of MY page, and “enhance” his own Google ranking (note to Dave- I will not re-reprint your URL):

IP Address:
Name: Generic Xxxxx
Email Address: Dave@Dave.net
URL: http://www.xxxxxx.com/

No dice dave. You have been eviscerated. Go spam yourself.

Clearly, some script kiddie has seen the way in which MovableType comment posting URLs are coinstructed, and is writing crap to automatically send out this cruft. It would be nice to see MT come up with some approach perhaps to accept comments only form the host page or some other means of adding an encrypted variable that would autneitcate commeents as only coming from the blog it is associated with (this would not stop people from manually cutting and pasting their garbage in the forms, but let them sweat and labor to do their dirty deeds).

But now I am motivated to take some changes, as Greg has discussed. I am not so sure of making old posts unavailable for comments as Greg has done, although it is a reasonable approach since relevant comments seem to come within a short time period of the posting.

The other strategy from Jay Allen is complicated, but offers some new potential.

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