Just When I thought it was safe to dump IE…

Darn! I was that close to being able to complete use Safari for my Mac browsing (love the tabs, the rendering, the bookmark menus on the toolbar..) but alas, another hitch appears.

This morning trying to post my latest entry, I kept getting timeout errors on MovableType Rebuild. I tried copying/pasting to a new entry. No. Tried rebuilding the archives one section at a time (individual, monthly…) No, it crapped out on the category archives.

I checked the MT support forums and read a number of similar problems elsewhere, mostly fixed by de-activating Norton on the server (not something we have here). Tried optimizing the database tables. Tried rebooting the server (true mark of desparation).

Finally, in a fit of utter despair, I went back to Internet Explorer– and it worked fine. Damn! Safari was the culprit (reported a bug to Apple’s black sock drawer, who knows where that goes).

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