Wow, once you start tinkering with code, the worm can opens up. I made a few more adjustments to the RSS to JS demo due to the worminess of RSS 2.0 versus 1.0.

After comments in yesterday’s announced fix, I became aware that the code would not deal successfully with RSS 2.0 feeds that use <guid> for the item’s url and where <pubDate> is used to give the date the item was posted.

A few more logic checks and i think we have these bases covered, noting that the date/time format for <pubDate> (RSS 2.0) is different from <dc:date> (RSS 1.0).

Also I added something that makes inserts a “no title” string if there is no <title> listed for an item (seems like this happens with Radio feeds often??)

Hopefully that will tide this script over for a while…
“The worms crawl in thw worms crawl out, they turn your blood into saurkraut…” (old kids song)

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  1. Thanks for the fix, much appreciated. Glad to see you’re still actively workin on this great script. Btw, is there any chance you can release the form you have on your page so that my visitors can easily customise the look of the news?

    The “build.php” is not included in the downloaded package. Just wondering cos it makes life easier for both us and the user :)

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Well that was pretty dumb on my part. I just added the build.php script to the .ZIP download (I will email you a copy).

    At some point I will break up the long scrolling page to a better organized site for this demo page. It just keeps growing.

    Some day.

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