3 Blog Spam Roaches Smashed

Just when you thought it was safe to blog…. 3 pairs of blog spam comments came in over night, and STOMP, STOMP, STOMP, they are gone thanks to Jay Allen’s MT Blacklist plugin.

But the pattern is disturbing. Each of these came as faked comments to the same 2 blog posts, likely ones that have cropped up on Google. Each came in pairs with about 60 seconds between them (makes me want to toss Google into my robots.txt file). Each had the same stupid approach, trying to insert a link for some sort of corrupt service or body supplement:

Nice Site, I would like to show you mine sometime.

I would not count on it. Keep yours to yourself, roach….

Anyone Seen That Movie >a href=”http://www.LOWLIFEXXSPAM-ROACHXXX.com”>Xxxxxx<a> ? I hear it was real tight! Nice Site BTW…..

Sorry, spam-roach, I do not watch your kind of entertainment. I think your spam is pretty tight as it is splatted out of my blog in one click, and your stupid URLs forever spawned to my blacklist.

Nice Site – Just wanted to say hello, My name is <a href=”http://www.xxxSPAMxxxROACH.com”>Xxxxxxxx<a>

Stupid tactic- Just wanted to say goodbye, spam roach. My name is Big Angry Dog

The war goes on. The roaches are mutiplying.

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