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RSS Feeds for MovableType Trackback and Comments

Wow, the sound of my own hand slapping my forehead with a loud, “duh!”.

The TweezerMan (not sure if I want to know the story behind that name) has provided easy to copy templates for creating RSS Feeds for Trackbacks and RSS Feeds for Comments from MovableTyple weblogs, all using available MT template tags.

Although I get e-mail notices of these items, an RSS feed makes it nice to toss into my aggregator to scan these add-ons to my blog. I seriously doubt anyone esle would want to subscribe to these feeds, but hey, they are there:

CogDogBlog MT Trackbacks RSS Feed:

CogDogBlog MT Comments RSS Feed:

I guess one could then employ the MT RSS Feed plugin to deploy this info elsewhere on the site.

But wait, there is even more from the TweezerMan! He provides a rather sneaky but sensible way to create static HTML content pages (I guess in Userland Radio they are called “Stories”) that avoid going the route of creating new templates for each. I will be dabbling with it in the future, but take a look at this approach for perhaps other ways to take advantage of MT’s templates.

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