Blog Spammers Getting More Desperate, More Subtle

Now that MovableType bloggers can feel slightly more protected from weblogs comment spam thanks to Jay Allen’s MTBlacklist plugin, do not feel like this will drive the pesky spam-roaches away.

Remember that their whole goal is to insert their viagra, porn, rip-off sales, etc web site addresses into your pages as it improves their Google Ranking. So know, a fellow posing as “Dave” claims to write a comment:

Happened to stumble across your blog while googling. Great post!

Wow, that feels good to get such a nice ego stroke, but when you translate the comment, it reads:

I never read your crappy blog and could give a rat’s arse about you, but since it is listed in Google, I can exploit you. If I put my www.Viagra-Sex-Porn-Rip-Off.com URL in the URL field of this comment form, it will pump up my own Google rankings a notch. Ain’t I clever? All I need to do is cut and paste this all over blog space and I will be R-I-C-H

Heck, I might even zap such a vapid, meaningless comment just for its own sake, but by stuffing your crufted URL in my blog, you invited the single click and kill method of the MT Blacklist. Boom!

Smash! Another flattened spam roach!

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