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Pachyderming Learning Objects

It’s been a full 2 days of intense action here at the NMC Pachyderm project meeting in San Francisco.

This project was origiinally developed to create rich media web experiences based on exhibits at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)— Pachyderm 2.0 will evolve it to a tool that is able to do something I have been unable to really see anywhere else- to allow non-technical individuals to easily create interactive multimedia experiences from learning objects.

The best part of this is the impressive collaboration of talent from at least 5 educational institutions and 5 other museums– and the energy of the group is contagious.

The place to get a taste of this potential is to look at the web sites created by SFMOMA curators (non-techies) such as Ansel Adams at 100— just one of about 8 different ones that draw digital assets from the SFMOMA database and connect them via a series of templates, and presented as a smooth Flash presentations online, computer kiosk, or via CD-ROM.

In 3 years, this project team will develop at least 20 content examples and a second generation version of Pachyderm software that ultimately will be provided as an open source tool to the education and non profit community.

I am very positive about this collaboration as opposed to

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