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Wow, ABC News has Discovered RSS

Ho hum. From the far seeing “FutureTech” at, they reveal Web Tech to Keep Users Up-to-Date on News!!!!

Maybe I ought to look at this RSS stuff ;-)

Now it is easy to lambast a rather feather-weight overview of RSS, and frankly it is good to see more of this in the media, but c’mon. The author completely missed the vital role of weblogs in generating a large portion of the RSS content out there, and the value of personal publishing tools. Instead, we hear more of the gack about RSS killing email (hardly) or how one clever firm hired a programmer to get its full newsletter inside a feed.

Hee hee, keep quiet Mr Barnum.

Of course, over at you can poke your way through all the ads, graphical banners, logis, a 1 page article spread over 3 bloated web pages and find nary a feed here. Right there on the front page is a snippet that is certainly something that should be inside an <item><description> tag.

Hardly future tech. The future is here, just not distributed at all at ABC…

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