Melbourne Digital Arts Conference: Papers, and Weblog Site

I found it interesting that the May 2003 Melbourne Digital Arts and Culture Conference (melbourneDAC) created a web site for the conference using MovableType (some links seem to go to non MT pages)- an interesting use of weblogs beyond “cat diaries”.

But beyond that, as was noted at Kairosnews was that all of the presented papers are available online (PDFs). Sadly, this practice is rare at professional conferences, where so much effort goes into printing those bulky volumes that get tossed or dumped on a shelf after the show.

As noted:

I was stunned to find the papers of the MelbourneDAC, the 5th International Digital Arts and Culture Conference, all online. There are really some incredible articles here; this must have been one heck of a conference. I’ve printed out most of the papers (it’s well over 200 pages) and hope to gain some insight into game theory by reading them. Many of these articles deal with game theory in terms of interaction, subject/object, control, and “worldness.” Great stuff for an aspiring game theorist!

I’d agree that there are some intriguing titles, e.g. “The Myth of Interactivity or the Interactive Myth? – Interactive Film as an Imaginary Genre”, “The Utopia of Open Space in Role-Playing Videogames”, “Ceremony of Innocence and the Subversion of Interface: Cursor Transformation as a Narrative Device”, etc.

As they say down in Melbourne, “Good on ya, ‘mate!”

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