Attention Blog Spam Roaches: Read the Manifesto!

spamroach.jpg Adam Kalsey provides the rallying cry to in his Comment Spam Manifesto. Also check out Adam’s story of nailing a blog spam roach where it hurts.

What you failed to understand is that bloggers are smarter, better connected, and more technologically savvy than the average email user. We control the medium that you are now attempting to exploit. Youˆ‚ve picked a fight with us and itˆ‚s a fight you cannot win…

Spammers are hereby put on notice. Your comments are not welcome. If the purpose behind your comment is to advertise yourself, your Web site, or a product that you are affiliated with, that comment is spam and will not be tolerated.

Bloggers will track you down and notify your hosting providers about your activities. We will tell your ISPs what you are using their connections for. We will let the makers of the products you are advertising know of your despicable sales methods. We will hit you where it hurts by attacking your source of income.

This is also time to announce the appearance of our official icon of war on blog comment spam roaches, thanks to the talented Don Synstelien who gave permission for me to use his realistic cockroach image (I shrunk it and added some spam words under Mr Roachy, Blattaria Spamicus). Please credit Don for the image!

All posts bearing the roach banner mark another victory, another stomped, squished, and obliterated spam roach from this blog.

March on. Sign or trackback the manifesto. Track down a roach’s ISP and ask them to yank the plug. Install the MTBlacklist Plugin and report comment blog spam.


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