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More Victories for War on Spam Cockroaches

spamroach.jpgD’Arcy recently exalted MT Spamkiller with proofs from his blog how the spam cockroaches were being blocked.

I had not peeked at my MovableType activity log in a while, and was overwhelmed at the number of comment spams that were stopped by Jay Allen’s MTBlacklist plug-in. I shudder at the thought of doing the manual deletion I did just a few weeks ago.

I can hear an entire army of soliders smashing their heels down on the comment spam cockroaches.

So among the spam cockroaches left out in the cold, are:
Die, spammers, die, but you are not bothering me (as much)!

But wow, in scanning the activity log, a whole strange new world is revealed based upon what people are searching on (and why they are searching here- maybe trying to see if their spam got stuck…)

I can vouch that there are no blog entries that match this!

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