PhotoBlogging with Buzznet

I have a pent for photography. It was the last elective I took as an undergrad, and if it were earlier, I would have taken a different career path.

Blogging is great, but there are some neat niches for other flavors. Take “photo blog”. I recently stumbled along via legendary web designer Jeffrey Veen this nifty new site, Buzznet, a free site where you can create your own photoblog (here’s mine).

At Brian’s suggestion, I had been playing with Fotolog where you can upload one image per day, build a collectiion, collect comments, and create dynamic links to other fotologs (mine). It was a wonderful international flavor with photos being posted from all over Europe, South America, etc.

But Buzznet has a bunch of other features I am liking a bit more. First, you can upload 10 images per day. It can automatically create a slide show. You can post new items via email and via photo capable cell phones.

But here is the best… Buzznet provides an RSS feed that you can use in another with thumbnails of your latest photos— see the newly added feature to this blog’s side bar.

Now this is fine for creating collections of the photos, and I may toss some more up now and then… but I am thinking of what would it take to get some of our art teachers interested in this? Students can create online portfolios of art work (not just photo students), other students can comment online, and best yet, an instructor could create a page that includes the RSS feeds so they can “monitor” what their students are doing from one screen.

For that matter, science students might be able to publish photos of say an experiment, or service learning students could document their community work, or…..

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