Still working on the new server (see X Marks the (Jade) Spot).

I am stumped why a new Apple XServer delivered in November came with OSX Server 10.2.8 pre-intalled though the current 10.3 disks were there. I had trouble getting the 10.3 CDs recognized so blew ahead with the older OS.

That was silly.

After fiddling with some dl-ed disk images, the original ones decided to work, so given good advice by true geek guru D’Arcy I wiped my OS drive clean (I am keeping the web server files on the second drive), and installed a spanky clean new version of OSX Server a la Panther.

Whew! This new OS is absolutely snappier to run. Worth it. Also cool is pretty much the Apache in the Mac version runs as needed (needed to twiddle to get PHP enabled). It still does not want to use a cgi directory on my second drive so I have resorted to leaving them in the Mac default place.

The MySQL version runs out of the box. Cool. Beware that it comes with no root account, it si wide open. Changed that pronto.

MT is still gacking on some requested DBD modules. Try to get those installed from some good instructions but still getting MakeFile errors on missing perl pieces. Went after this supposed fix on DBD::mysql no not yet. Elsewhere it was suggested MakeFile needs the OSX Developer tools installled for the missing Perl tidbits.

No still getting some gack about MakeMaker mssing CORE/perl.h

Keep banging the head against the wall until something budges.

update Not any closer to getting MT running then yesterday. I am unable to get the DBD::mysql module installed on this server. I tried CPAN. I tried a command line. I tried an OSX DBD-DBI installer I thought worked yesterday. Heck, I even tried installing a source version of perl.

I am going to try some voodoo tonight under a full moon.

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