Kung-Log: Neo Says “Whoah”

Ok. I am trying some way out there, It is a Mac OSX app called Kung-Log that allows me (I think) to post and edit my MovableType blog directly from a friendly Mac OSX interface.

We will see what happens as I am “Kung-Log” blogging this one right now.


update It worked! I am now modifying this entry, still from this KungLog app:

And Shazam! It has a Mac interface for uploading images to the server and it automatically generates the HTML to display:

Kung-log screen shot

Kung ho! This is pretty wild!

More cool Kung-stuff! You can upload an image via Kung-log and have it simply embedded as above (same as MovableType via the browser), but if you select the “thumbnail” option, it uploads and generates the code to display a thumbnail as embedded in the blog page AND builds the link to the pop up with the full image.

Let’s give it a Kung-whirl:

Antelope Canyon

Oh man, it creates and uploads the thumbnail!


More updates Wang Kung! Even more to like. Kung-blog has an HTML menu for markign up selected text, and it is fully customizable, and you can create keyboard shortcuts. So for example, I use a special style sheet for my quotes from other web sites, so I can copy a portion of text from a web page (or any text for that matter), and just do a option-command q

Use the “Edit HTML Tags” menu item to reveal a list of HTML tags. To edit a tag, double-click on it and type into the field directly. Each HTML tag is identified by a unique name and contains optional text for the open and close tags. You can also associate a keyboard shortcut with each tag, so that editing your weblog text can be even faster. By default, keyboard shortcuts use the command key modifier, but you can optionally select to use the shift, option, and/or control key.

And I get in one motion the copied text placed inside the DIV tags I use to markup a quoted portion of text.

This goes way beyond the non-existent HTML tools in the MT bookmarket.

And if that is not enough… K-L has a spell checker. I need that. Badly. And it was a slick preview that shows you actually how the page will appear, not the rinky dink preview you get via MT.


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