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It is time to crank up the promotion department for the Maricopa Learing eXchange (MLX), given that the semester is winding down. We have set up a new PR area that links all of the MLX presentation and news tidbits.

With the exception of a nice burst of 15 entries from Estrella Mountain Community College and 5 from MATEC, it has slowed down quite a bit at the MLX Loading Dock. All those union workers, sitting around drinking coffee and shooting the breeze, when they would rather be taking new deliveries and beefing up the inventory.

So what are we doing? Well I had a recent invited college presentation for the main Instructional Computing group at Glendale Community College and tried to make a case for the syndication services we offer individuals, departments, and the college. I do this by hijacking some of their web pages and showing how dynamic feeds can by inserted by a simple JavaScript code (faculty example, department example). There is also the Breeze delivered audio narrated guide to the MLX loading dock, since anyone outside our system cannot access this part of the warehouse.

Plus I did my regular email blitz to the entire Maricopa system, to promote the Great MLX Package Race where we have (what I think) are great college and individual software incentives.

At least one new thing came in today….

However on an optimistic side, everyone I talk to at least knows what this is. Even better, a specific discipline group at one college (Nutrition) has stepped up to create an event in January will they will gather their faculty (many of them adjunct) to start to build an MLX “special collection” of sharable teaching resources.

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