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RSS WinterFest 2004- Party at Dave’s?

Just announced, Jan 21-22, 2004, RSS Winterfest:

a free Webcast, and hear from some of the world’s foremost experts and commentators about RSS and the future of Internet content syndication.

We’ll give an overview of RSS and look at its future. We’ll feature case studies that will examine the applications for enterprise content syndication. We’ll hear what some of the early adopters have learned about distributing advertising through RSS feeds.

Kudos to the planners for taking on the tools of the topic (blogs, RSS, and wikis too) for the format of this event. Dave Winer is the kickoff speaker, the rest of the speaker crew is a mix of z lot of corporate types and other well known digerati.

Anyhow, it is free, so sign up. Is Dave buying beer?

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  1. Thanks for the kudos and mention about our webcast, RSS WinterFest. Like your blog. We’ll see everyone there.

    Alex Williams

    President and Founder

    DecisionCast, Inc.

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